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 “2020 East Coast Strategic Prayer Infusion”

 Sponsored by "Dorcas Enterprise Ministry"


 Thank you for your interest in the EAST COAST STRATEGIC PRAYER INFUSION. This Conference is committed to empowering encouraging and imparting God inspired principles of “Strategic Intercessory Prayer”, to five fold Christian leaders, Intercessors, and Intercessory Team leaders throughout the East Coast Region. We are also given to the establishment, restatement and further development of Intercessory Teams within Christ-centered churches, ministries, Para-ministries, marketplace ministries and various creative forms of outreach ministries for the greater good of God’s Kingdom being advance here on earth as it is in heaven. The EAST COAST STRATEGIC PRAYER INFUSION is a vision inspired by God and given to CEO/Founder Apostle Audrey Newell.

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Zoom Meeting Information: TjlKMmtLSjVETjR1ME9uY09KSjhMQT09

Meeting ID: 748 559 7776 Password: 4JPxge 

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